The Armor Hawk uses a new philosophy to armored vehicles; protect and escape in a highly maneuverable vehicle. The methods with which we do this are by using the latest armament technologies, providing a vehicle that focuses on escape, and making a small target.

The Armor Hawk Super Terrain Vehicle uses the very latest armor technologies, such as ceramics, titanium alloys, graphite and Kevlar to name a few. We use our creative expertise, combined with a premier armament company, to provide solutions that are second to none. The Armor Hawk is equipped with the very same run flat systems that the military uses. Countermeasure systems are also available upon request.

The Armor Hawk is built, like every other Hawk, entirely from the ground up. At Shadow Hawk Vehicles, we do not start with another vehicle; we feel that creates too many compromises in security. Instead, we use a monocoque design that is unique to Shadow Hawk Vehicles because it creates redundant protection; several layers of protection. Our design does not have any exterior brake lines, fuel lines or electrical lines. The underside of the vehicle is absolutely smooth. A great benefit to the titanium construction is that the vehicle is not magnetic.

Another important feature of the Armor Hawk is its size. At Shadow Hawk Vehicles we feel that a big vehicle is a disadvantage for a few reasons. First, a big vehicle is extremely heavy and very hard to maneuver in tight spaces, streets, etc. Second, big vehicles make easy targets. Another philosophy of ours is to make the target as small as possible without compromising security. This is a fact; size does not create better protection. A NIJ level 4 rated vehicle is just as safe regardless of its size. The Armor Hawk vehicle is very similar in size to a modern Corvette. Imagine this, if you are attacking a vehicle from 100 yards away, which is easier to hit...a Hummer or something the size of a Corvette? Which can you hide easier? Which is easier to maneuver?

There is one very important function of our camera systems which are mounted on all sides of the vehicle. Other than eliminating blind spots in the Armor Hawk, the cameras become instrumental for your vision. Once the vehicle's windows take fire, they powder and fracture to a point that visibility is severely compromised. This is where our standard daytime cameras become so important. The occupants now use these cameras, which are nearly invincible to the attackers, to navigate the vehicle out of harm.

The most important aspect of the Armor Hawk may be its escape abilities. We focus on high horsepower and torque numbers to create favorable power-to-weight ratios. Most armored vehicles are lucky to be in the 500hp range while our vehicles have 1,100hp with 1,805 foot-pounds of torque. This not only allows our vehicles to accelerate extremely quickly but the huge torque numbers with all wheel drive allow the Armor Hawk to push through barricades. Add these features to our tremendous suspension travel and the ability to overcome 44 inch objects means the Armor Hawk can climb over other cars to escape.

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