Raise and Lower

The raise and lower feature with its steering wheel Toggle Control gives the driver the ability to change the vehicle ride height at will. The range of control is negative 2 inches to positive 44 inches. When the vehicle is traveling below 10 mph all 44 inches of positive travel can be used. When the vehicle is traveling over 30 mph the travel limits are restrained to between positive 2 and 14 inches. The positive 44 inches of ground clearance, when used in conjunction with the Lift and Set D-Pad, gives the vehicle the ability to step over any object that falls into this suspension travel window. The negative 2 inches of travel allows tire changing without jacks to raise the vehicle, and it also allows the vehicle to be stacked one on top of the other for shipping by truck, train, boat or air cargo.

Lift and Set

Lift and set are controlled on the right side of the steering wheel with the right hand's D-Pad control. Moving the D-Pad control in a figure-eight pattern will lift each tire, one at a time. If the vehicle is driven forward at the same time then it can clear any obstacle that is equal to or less than the ground clearance and that has a length that does not exceed the shortened distance between the tires as it crosses over the obstacle. This feature is ideal for all kinds of fencing, fallen trees, rocks, or any other object.

Pitch and Roll

The pitch and roll are controlled on the left side of the steering wheel with the left hand's D-Pad control. This control allows the driver to pitch the car forward or rearward by pushing the controller forward and rearward. Pushing the controller side to side rolls the vehicle left or right respectively. This set of controls completes all the disciplines the driver needs to control the attitude of the vehicle in a three dimensional world. No vehicle ever made has this magnitude of driver control.

Energy Impact Control

Fundamentally this control allows the vehicle to take heavy impacts and not lose control or cause damage.

Active Suspension Control

This is a control system that can be turned on and off. It is designed to offer high speed stability on and off road. This system has the ability to pitch and roll the vehicle to optimize vehicle performance.

Active Camber Control

This is another system with a on and off feature. It again is the final part of the control system for high speed stability. The camber control helps keep the tire contact patch flat on the ground giving better tire performance.

Air Spring

The air spring was chosen for its light weight, simplicity, and unparalleled ability to be adjustable and flexible.

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