Spider Drive Transaxle

The transaxle design is called the Spider Drive. The Spider Drive is an existing patent held by Shadow Hawk Vehicles, but there are new technologies added to the original design. The design is simpler, smaller in size, and much more powerful. The Spider Drive is designed to handle 2,500 foot pounds of engine torque; this is unprecedented in a transmission of this size.

Clutch System

The clutch system changes everything you know about clutches. First it does not use friction as a control medium. Second, it will engage, disengage, or slip at any rate of engagement for hours without failing or over heating. Third, it can control the output rotations extremely precisely right down to repeatable fractions of a revolution. Fourth, in can be, controlled electrically and directly by a computer without any mechanical assistance required.

Indi Trac

Indi Trac is an electronic control system that controls the four clutches that apply power to each of the wheels. This control system can vary the power, independently, to each of the wheels from zero to 100 percent in real time. As an example, as a vehicle approaches a corner, more power can be applied to the rear wheels to push a vehicle into the corner then power can be shifted to the front of the vehicle pulling it out the corner. Power can also be applied from the left side of the vehicle to right, to prevent binding or bias from taking place in the turn and help steer the vehicle through the turn. This system works both in the application of power and reduction of power. Indi Trac works in harmony with the brake system.

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