Brake System


The brakes are a derivative of the clutch, which means it does not use friction for stopping. The brake system will never overheat. The Shadow Hawk can use the brakes to control down hill descents completely; it does not matter how heavy the vehicle is or how long the down hill grade is. The brakes cannot lock up under heavy braking even with out computer control. They can very efficiently take the energy produced by the brakes and store that energy. The stored energy can be used thru the Power Recovery System to accelerate the vehicle from a stop with a high rate of power and acceleration. This ability to repeatedly transform stopping energy into acceleration energy is a very powerful tool in the war of fuel economy and emissions.

Power Recovery System

This system is an electronic system that controls the brake system to produce the "recovered energy" acceleration and works in harmony with the Indi Trac system.

Push to Pass

This button is on the steering wheel and when activated and then pressed gives the vehicle a huge boost of power.

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