The console is like nothing you have ever seen before. Every aspect of the console, like the rest of the vehicle, was designed from a blank sheet of paper. The focus is comfort and accessibility. All of the controls are located within your reach. Each control has a unique feel which allows you to keep your eyes on the road.

The massive touch screen displays are sized and located to make it easy for you to transition your sight from the road, to them, and back again. The driver's display can be viewed as it is, or in bad weather, the gauges can be hid allowing a single camera view to take over the screen. This is a huge advantage driving at night if you have the thermal vision option; you will be able to drive the vehicle from the screen alone. Each of the other touch screens can display the internet, camera views, navigation directions, your mobile media or any of the satellite features if those options are selected.

The driver and passenger have independent climate controls, USB data ports and laptop stations. The USB data ports are mounted inside watertight compartments big enough for an I-Pod or similar sized device. The data connected to these USB ports, such as music or movies, can then be displayed on the touch screens. The passenger can watch a movie with their headphones on while the driver listens to music.

And what would an exotic machine like this be if it were not watertight? That's right; you can open the door and flood the inside of the Shadow Hawk without causing any damage. Of course this would not be a good idea if you've chosen the leather interior option, but the standard vehicle is designed to be waterproof.

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