Shadow Hawk Vehicles

Shadow Hawk's roots are founded in a history of over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience and engineering excellence. The company's founder, James Richards, created Shadow Hawk Vehicles by making the values which have become instrumental to his life's work a driving force behind the company. The values that have propelled our company forward are determination, creativity and success. These values have evolved into fundamental attributes that have permeated the framework of every part of our business. At Shadow Hawk Vehicles, the terms "can't" or "failure" do not exist.

We are an honorable, dependable and revolutionary company that takes tremendous pride in our products and is driven to support every need of our customers. We focus our efforts in order to converge the most exotic of vehicles while meeting the practical demands that our customers require.

We are delivering technologies to the world that which it has never seen.

Shadow Hawk has created the first vehicle of its kind designed to achieve unrivaled performance both on and off road.

Scott Richards, Vice President, Shadow Hawk Vehicles

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